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Poker slang

Getting acclimated to the jargon used in poker is one of the most difficult aspects of learning the game.

The game has its own vocabulary, which includes terms such as the following, to name a few:

three-way bet (3bet)
Straight draw with a double gutshot
Draw a straight line that is open-ended (OESD)
Gutshot twice

“I had it AIPF holding Big Slick versus deuce-trey off-suit and my opponent went runner-runner to construct a wheel and felt me,” you’d probably be laughed at. An experienced poker player, on the other hand, will understand exactly what you mean.

Make an effort not to become frustrated by the terms you don’t comprehend. With practice, they’ll become clearer. Instead, whenever you hear a word you don’t recognize, look it up online or ask the other players at the table for clarification.

Most people will be eager to assist you, and while your lack of experience may show for a time, it will eventually help you come up to speed that much faster.

You’ll be a GTO master in no time, running triple-barrel bluffs and taking advantage of ICM situations.
Don’t worry if you’re not sure what that implies; you’ll figure it out as your poker trip progresses.