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How to Play Mississippi Stud – Learn to Win in 5 Minutes  

The Mississippi Stud Poker game provides an exciting online golden poker experience with fast-paced action, high RTP, and the opportunity to win big. Mississippi Stud Poker is played with a 52 main card deck, and unlike other poker games, you will only be playing against the paytable. You can also spice up your gameplay by playing an additional game where you can bet on a 3 Card Bonus. 

Our Mississippi Stud Poker review discusses the advantages of playing this online casino game as well as everything else you should know before giving it a shot. So continue reading and learn to win your rounds!

What is Mississippi Stud

Scientific Games introduced Mississippi Stud, a poker-based casino table game. The Motley Fool identified it as part of a new generation of table games designed to appeal to younger players by offering simpler strategies and a lower house advantage than traditional blackjack. Additionally, Mississippi Stud is a table game similar to Texas hold’em in length, and we will cover basic rules now.

Mississippi Stud Poker Rules 

Some aspects of Mississippi Stud Poker rules are already familiar to those who have played blackjack or want to play baccarat better. First, you are seated with other players at a table. The dealer sits on one side of the table, and the players are on the other.

The players place bets, and the dealer settles them. You are not required to defeat the other players. You’re up against the house.

It is simple to learn how to play Mississippi Stud Poker.

Here are the Mississippi Stud Poker guidelines:

  • You place a wager known as an “ante.”
  • You are dealt two cards. The other players are also dealt two cards. The dealer also distributes three community cards.
  • These cards are all dealt face-down. After all of the hands have been dealt, you get to look at your cards.
  • After you’ve examined your cards, there will be a betting round. You may place a “3rd Street Bet.” You get to choose how much to bet—1, 2, or 3 times your ante. You can also fold if you don’t like your hand.
  • The dealer will reveal one of the community cards after the betting action. The “4th Street Bet” would be the next betting round if you did not fold.
  • You can bet 1 to 3 times the ante again. You have the option of folding once more.
  • The dealer then deals out another community card.
  • If you still have the hand, you can place a “5th Street Bet” of 1 to 3 times the ante. You have the option to fold once more.
  • The final community card is dealt with by the dealer. Your bets are paid out in accordance with the game’s pay table.

It is critical to understand that you do not have to beat another player’s hand in order to win. You are also not required to beat a dealer’s hand. You are paid based on the total value of your hand.

Mississippi Stud Poker is similar to video poker in this regard. The only difference is that it is played with live dealers and real cards.

Mississippi Stud Poker Strategy 

Many casino games, including card games, lack a strategic component. Baccarat, for example, requires no decisions from the player other than betting on the player or the banker. Because one bet has a lower house edge than the other, the only strategy is to choose the bet with the lower house edge.

Other casino games require you to make decisions. These games have a plan. You must decide whether to fold or play in Mississippi Stud. You must also decide how much to wager. These decisions are based on what you know about the hand as it plays out and the payouts.

Most people don’t understand the math behind this, but according to Michael Shackleford, a mathematician named Joseph Kisenwether developed a mathematically optimal strategy for Mississippi Stud Poker.

Assigning values to the cards is the first step in understanding this strategy. Any ace or face card (jack, queen, or king) is worth two points. Any card with a value between 6 and 10 is worth one point. Cards with values less than 6 are worth 0 points.

You then make decisions based on your current position in hand.

Pick for the Third Street Bet:

You can increase the maximum if you have a pair (3X the ante).

If you have a two-point hand, you will bet the ante.

You’ll also bet the ante if you have a 5 and a 6 of the same suit.

Anything else will be folded.

You should keep in mind that you should never bet 2X the ante at this point. It’s a 3-unit bet if you have a pair, a 1-unit bet if you have a couple of mid-ranked cards, or a 5/6 suited.

Fourth Street Bet

If you have any of the following hands, you will bet 3X the ante:

Any pat hand will do. (This hand is guaranteed to pay out, such as a middle pair or higher.)

Any royal flush draw will suffice.

And a straight flush draw with no gaps with the lowest card is a 5, with one gap and a high card, two gaps, and two high cards.

If you have any of the following, you will bet one unit the size of the ante:

  • A flush pull (3 cards of the same suit)
  • A small couple
  • Any three-point hand
  • The straight draw has no gaps if the lowest card is a 4
  • A straight draw with one gap and two cards of medium rank
  • Otherwise, you should fold

The 5th Street Bet is as follows:

You’ll still bet 3X the ante on any pat hand. However, you will also raise your hand if you have any of the following:

  • A flush pull (4 cards that have the same suit)
  • Any straight draw from the outside (a hand with four of the five needed cards in sequence and could be completed on either end that might make a straight)

In the following situations, you will only bet one unit:

  • A straight inside draw
  • A pair of low heels
  • A four-point hand

If you were raised on an earlier street, you could choose any three mid-ranked cards.

Winning Payout Table 

The player will not lose if their final five-card hand contains at least a pair of sixes. A pair of sixes through tens results in a push, and the player keeps all of their bets and starts the next hand with an ante bet. Payoffs are higher for higher five-card hands. The following are the payoffs for additional hands:

  • Full House
  • 10-to-1 Flush
  • 6-to-1 Straight
  • 4-to-1 Three of a kind
  • 3-to-1 Two pairs
  • 2-to-1 Pair of jacks or better

Play Mississippi Stud Poker Online for Real Money or for Free 

Mississippi Stud Poker is a trademarked casino game because it was created by ShuffleMaster. Specific game rules cannot be copied or trademarked, but a new game’s name can be copied and trademarked.

As a result, most online casinos do not offer Mississippi Stud Poker under that name. This makes it difficult to play for real money. In addition, trademark owners dislike it when others profit from their intellectual property.

However, you can play free Mississippi Stud Poker online. In addition, you can use a browser-based game to practice the gameplay, so you know what to do the next time you visit a casino that offers that game.

You cannot win money when playing free Mississippi Stud Poker online. You also can’t lose money, but I’m not sure that’s a fair trade-off. When I play casino games, I like to put money at risk in order to win money.


Mississippi Stud Poker is a fun casino game to play. The house edge is high in comparison to blackjack, but it could be a fun change of pace if you have some extra cash. I enjoy games in which my choices have an impact.

Even with the proper strategy, the house edge on this game is a little higher than I’d like. It’s still an enjoyable game to learn.

Berkat Pokers is here to assist you in improving your game, outwitting opponents, and winning strategy! If you require assistance or topic recommendations, please contact us.

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